The Albanians of the Valley want to be included in the dialogue, they emphasize the need for reciprocity


The Albanians of the Presheva Valley demand that their issue be included in the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue. According to them, in this process there should be a comprehensive solution, where through the principle of reciprocity, the rights of minorities are treated equally. Therefore, they emphasize that the Albanians in the Valley should have the rights that the Serbian community in Kosovo demands.

The head of the Albanian National Council in the Presheva Valley, Ragmi Mustafi, tells KosovaPress that the Albanians in the Valley have been subjected to systematic discrimination by the Serbian authorities.

Mustafi asks the Government of Kosovo, but
also that of Albania, to put pressure on Serbia to implement the agreements signed
with the political representatives of the Albanians of the Presheva Valley.

“We as the Albanian National Council
have continuously had intensive cooperation and communication with the
Government of Kosovo and the Government of Albania. We have continuously dealt
with special topics related to people’s daily life, but also topics related to
the dialogue with Kosovo, the implementation of the agreements signed by the
Government of Serbia with the institutional and political representatives of
the Albanians of Presheva Valley, which has not had the will to implement them
for two decades now”, emphasizes Mustafi.

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