Martinsen: UNMIK and the government of Kosovo failed to fulfill the promise given to the women who were sexually violated during the war


The documenter of the rapes in Kosovo during the war, considers the state’s lack of readiness for justice to be mysterious. The Norwegian expert, Josef Martinsen, says that the promise has been broken, when justice was promised to 423 women who were sexually violated by Serbian forces. They all had made agreements with UNMIK and the then government, but apart from not being helped, they found it difficult to return to the community. Martinsen, who has written two books about the crimes committed in Kosovo, in an interview for KosovaPress, also criticizes the way the Government Commission for Recognition and Status Verification of victims of sexual violence is functioning.

The coordinator of the UNHCR during the
years ’98-99, in the interview for KosovaPress, talks about the justice denied
to about 20 thousand women and men who were sexually violated during the war.
It shows how the agreement signed by 423 women with UNMIK and the then
government was not implemented.

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