KosovaPress and ANSA sign a cooperation agreement


KosovaPress News Agency and the Italian News Agency ANSA have signed a cooperation agreement for the exchange of news, where the focus will also be on support for businesses in our two countries.

During the signing of
the agreement on Thursday, which was also attended by the ambassador of Italy to
Kosovo, Antonello De Riu, and the ambassador of Kosovo to Italy, Lendita
Haxhitasim, it was said that this cooperation will further strengthen the
excellent relations between Kosovo and Italy, where free access to news is also
provided for the diplomatic headquarters of the two countries.

The executive director
of KosovaPress, Suzana Hashani-Rakoivca, said that the first steps of
cooperation between KosovaPress and ANSA will be the strengthening of the
connecting bridges between our two countries.

“Taking into
account the development in the economic and political aspect, KosovaPress can
contribute a lot, especially against fake news, and it can contribute to help
each business in the economic and political aspect. These will be our steps of
cooperation between ANSA and KosovaPress. I wish that we are a bridge between
the two countries to help Italian businesses in Kosovo and Kosovo businesses in
Italy. Also, the embassies will be informed as accurately as possible about the
events happening in our countries”, she said.

Meanwhile, the
director of ANSA, Stefano de Alessandri, said that this agreement will bring
the two countries even closer, and it will also give the diplomatic
headquarters in Kosovo and Italy, free access to the news.

He added that this
agreement will also create cooperation in the commercial profile, through many
Italian companies that are present in Kosovo.

“The agreement
has two points, one in terms of journalism, which is the exchange of our news.
KosovaPress will give our journalists direct access to their news. As we have
seen in many other cases, this is a very important cooperation between our two
countries. With this agreement, free access to news is foreseen for the diplomatic
headquarters in our countries. While the second part has to do with the
cooperation activities of the commercial profile. There are many Italian
companies that are present in Kosovo, many of them are our clients, and we will
be like a connecting bridge to help their development in Kosovo through
KosovaPress and vice versa”, he said.

The ambassador of
Kosovo to Italy, Lendita Haxhitasim, also expressed her happiness after
reaching this agreement.

“I express my
congratulations for this agreement, of course also on the part of the
institutions of the Republic of Kosovo, as this agreement only enriches our
relations which are excellent between our two countries… This is very
important in order to face the misinformation and fake news that are made
today, which constitute an attack on the current context in which we live
today. The quality of information above all is very essential, of course when the
news is provided by professional and experienced journalists such as those from
the two agencies,” she said.

On the other hand, the
Italian ambassador to Kosovo, Antonello De Riu, said that the agreement will
further strengthen Italy’s excellent relations with Kosovo.

“I am very happy
to witness this agreement between the two agencies. Today’s agreement defines
this cooperation that will be structured. The two agencies have different dates
of establishment, but they have one thing in common as they were established at
the end of two destructive conflicts… The agreement will enable the
information of the two respective countries to be done in a systematic way, and
to further strengthen the excellent relations between our two countries”,
he said.

Otherwise, KosovaPress is a member of the Association
of the Balkan News Agencies – Southeast Europe (ABNA-SEE) and has the
presidency of this organization, and also has cooperation agreements with other
regional and European agencies.

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