2 dead, 5 injured in three serious accidents within 24 hours in Lezha


Two dead and 5 seriously injured, is the toll of three accidents that occurred within 24 hours on the highways of Lezha in northern Albania.

In the early hours of this morning in Milot, two vehicles collided as a result of a wrong overtaking move, where 35-year-old Fitor Ollomani from Kukës died. Yesterday, near the village of ‘Ishull Lezhë’, a 15-year-old girl who was crossing the road from one side to the other, was hit by a vehicle and received serious injuries. She was transported to the Trauma Hospital in Tirana.
A few minutes later near the Kakarric intersection two vehicles collided head-on as a result of a wrong overtaking move , and four members of a family received serious injuries. Marjeta Gjergji, a nurse in the Lezha maternity hospital lost her life.
Low standards roads and non-compliance with road signs by drivers are the causes of tragedies in the roads of Albania.

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