Albanians were fewer in 2020, in one year 16 thousand less people, of the total 2.8M


The latest data from the Institute of Statistics show that on January 1, the population of Albania was 2,827,000 inhabitants, marking a decrease of more 16.2 thousand people compared to January 1, 2020.

The decline is mainly related to immigration as well as increasing mortality as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Statistics show 27,605 lives lost over the past year, causing mortality figures to rise by 5,600 more than in 2019.
Meanwhile, the movement of migrants abroad has shown a downward trend, as a result of blocking measures due to the pandemic.
Despite this, last year over 23,800 migrants left the country, while in 2019 this figure was 43,800.
Another influential factor in the decrease of the population is the decrease in the number of births, as last year under 28 thousand babies were born, 486 less than in 2019.
Meanwhile the natural increase of the population has marked the lowest historical point approaching zero, when in 2020 was 470 births more than deaths, in strong contrast compared to 2019 when it was estimated at 6,624 more inhabitants.

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