Rama denies rumors that he has accepted border changes in the Balkans: It is embarrassing


schedule13:01 – 3 Maj, 2021

Prime Minister Edi Rama has reacted to an article published by the Austrian newspaper “Der Standard”, regarding the unofficial document on the change of borders in the Western Balkans. In a Twitter post, the head of government addressed the Austrian newspaper saying that he did not expect that a media with a high reputation to become a distributor of fake news.
Edi Rama clarifies that he did not say anything from what is quoted to have said about “non paper & map” and adds that he has never approved any border demarcation along the ethnic lines between Serbia and Kosovo.

[email protected] @webstandardat what a disappointement to see such a highly reputated paper behave like a fake news spreader! I have never said any of it about “non paper&map” and I have never ever endorsed any border drawing along ethnic lines between SRB&KOS! #Embarrassing

— Edi Rama (@ediramaal) May 3, 2021

In an article dedicated to the unofficial document on border changes in the Western Balkans, the Austrian newspaper “Der Standard” quotes Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama as having stated that he has seen that document and the map with the proposed border changes.

Austrian media further write that Rama together with Vucic, approved the drawing of borders along the ethnic lines between Kosovo and Serbia three years ago. / abcnews.al /

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