Kukës, the counting for the candidates is closed


schedule09:15 – 28 Prill, 2021

Kukes is the first district which has closed the counting of votes for candidates for MP. This is a district represented by 3 deputies, two from the Democratic Party and one from the Socialist Party.
According to CEC data from the DP, the most voted candidates are:
Flamur Hoxha – 9 159 votes,

Isuf çelaj 5 257 votes
Shyrete Koka – 3,622 votes.
While from the SP, the most voted candidates are:

Gerta Duraku with 5,368 votes,
Petrit Malaj 3 666 votes
Halim Dauti – 2 059 votes.
Meanwhile, in the parliament where the Democrats have two mandates, according to the results, the candidates for deputies for this region will be Flamur Hoxha and Isuf Çela, while from the ranks of the Socialists, the candidate Gerta Duraku will be in the parliament./abcnews.al

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