Critics demand Basha’s resignation, how is the atmosphere at the blue headquarters


schedule13:43 – 28 Prill, 2021

After 25th April elections loss, the atmosphere in the headquarters of the Democratic Party is calm, although is demanded the resignation of Lulzim Basha.
Journalist Juxhin Mustafaraj reports that Basha is currently at the headquarters. He held an important meeting with the former Minister of Justice Eduart Halimi. The latter is the key person who will draft a series of lawsuits for this election.
Meanwhile, it is not clear yet whether there will be a decision-making by the leader of the Democrats regarding the demands for his resignation. In July 2021, Basha ends his term as chairman of the Democratic Party, while rumors calling for his removal will accelarate the process.

Basha said yesterday that they would not recognize this election by claiming irregularities and vote-buying, however he did not deny the entry of Democrats in Parliament./

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