CEC’s Celibashi: Turnout in the elections 46.32 percent, men were the majority of voters


The head of the CEC Ilirjan Celibashi said that turnout in the elections of April 25 was 46.32 percent, of which 47.66 was the participation of women.

Regarding the requests for film footage from political entities, he said the requests are beiong taken into consideration.
Celibashi: “Today the counting for the candidates ends. In general, it went as the rules in the electoral code set out, but problems were reported at some counting points.
“Turnout is 46.32 percent, of which 47. 66 is women. There have been some requests for film footage of the ballot counting process from parties and coalitions, and from from police station 1 and 2 in Tirana.
“SMI has also requested, we are in the process of verification. There have been problems of various kinds, such as those ballotssheets that have insufficient marks but are not invalid. There was also a discussion about the validity of the ballot for two candidates of a political entity. We have all the information for biometric verification. The purpose of this project was to identify who voted and where.”

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