Rama announces the victory in the socialist camp, how is the atmosphere in the blue headquarters?


schedule12:26 – 27 Prill, 2021

With about 90% of the vote counted, Socialists are the first force, but there is still no official reaction from the blue headquarters on the second day of the count.
Journalist Juxhin Mustafaraj reports for ABC that the leader of the Democrats, Lulzim Basha, is following the process from the blue headquarters where he arrived since 09:00 this morning.Earlier in his office was the Special Political Coordinator Eduart Halimi who stayed in a meeting with Basha for at least 60 minutes.
It has been learned that the Democrats will wait for the final result that will probably be published in the first hours of the morning. And then the DP leader is expected to have a media conference about his party’s official stance.

On the other hand, through a status on social networks, Rama has invited the patronagers, coordinators and leaders in Skenderbej Square for what he calls “embracing victory” /.abcnews.al

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