Vote counting closed in some areas, opposition DP wins in northern stronghold Kukës


Kukes becomes the first region of Albania where the counting of ballots has been completed, in all its 141 polling stations.

The count is also closed in some municipalities of the country.
Opposition DP has received twice as many votes compared to the ruling SP in Kukës and leads with 62% or 23,923 votes, while SP has won 35% or 13,704 votes.
Based on this percentage the DP secures 2 seats, while the SP wins 1 seat.
There are also several municipalities where the voting process is closed, in which the ruling SP is currently at an advantage: Kolonjë won by SP, Tropojë won by PD, Përmet won by PS, Has – Fushë Arrëz won by PD, Himarë won by PS, Pustec won by PS, Këlcyrë won by PS, Puka won by PS, Ballsh won by PS, Cërrik PS, Mirditë PD, Klos PD, Prrenjas PS, Belsh PS, Roskovec PS, Lushnjë PS, Rrogozhinë PS, Kukës PD, Gramsh PS, Delvinë PS, Finiq PS, Mallakastër PS, Mat PS, Klos PD
, Patos PS, Malësi e Madhe PD, Peqin PS

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