US ambassador on vote: 25 US teams will monitor the election, vigilante groups must end


Three days before the country’s parliamentary elections on Sunday, US Ambassador Yuri Kim said today that 25 US teams will monitor the April 25 elections across the country.

“We are monitoring all actions taken. Your friends from the international community are also here, we will be with you as you vote. No one is above the law.”
Referring to yesterday’s grave event in Elbasan, where an election activist was killed and four others were injured, after a clash between party supporters, Kim said: “Horrible things such as unauthorized groups to protect the vote, are something of the past, there is no place for these. It is the responsibility of the leaders in the highest positions to ensure that there is no room for anything else that has nothing to do with calm. ”
At the end of her speech, the ambassador addressed the Albanian voters. “I want to tell the Albanian voters, you are not alone, we are with you. We are with you. Vote on April 25th.”

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