Albcontrol, Red Flag For Tenders, Over 1 Billion ALL Given Without Competition, No Investigation By The Prosecution


In just 1 year, Albcontrol has registered at least 5 tenders considered problematic by organizations that verify tenders conducted by state institutions.

According to Open Data, there are more than one billion ALL which were given either without competition and or in the absence of well-defined criteria of fair competition.

Therefore, this organization has marked with red flag all 5 cases.

It is about the operational support for the start of operations at the airport of Kukes.

The value obtained from the winning company amounts to 25 million ALL.

For insurance costs for vehicles realized in February 2021 the value has gone to 2 900 thousand ALL. Here again, experts have sounded the red alarm.

The year 2020 is also considered as suspicious expenditures. Thus, expenditures for the maintenance of financial systems, procurement, budget and ethics have been paid 24 million and 980 thousand ALL. Again, Open Data has raised concerns about the procedures carried out.

Even in the purchase of parts for the combination and renewal of licenses worth about 45 million ALL, open data raises the red flag signaling as well as for maintenance costs in June 2020 worth 6. 666 thousand ALL.

Despite this or other tenders reported in the media, none of the leaders of Albcontrol has faced justice or none of the procurements has been verified by the prosecution.

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