The number of infected has decreased, Albanian doctor: Has happened the natural selection, the herd has been immunized


UK is continue the process of vaccination at a rapid pace, with the opening of several currently closed businesses expected to begin in May.
In an interview with Juli Xhokaxhiu on ABC, the Albanian doctor in London, Adrian Fandi said that the number of hospitalized is declining.

But does the vaccination process or the austerity measures has affected the reduction of casesthe UK?
According to Fandi, 90 percent of the role is because the vaccines, while the remaining 10 percent can be attributed to austerity measures.

In Britain most of the vaccinated have received only the first dose, and this according to the doctor has a positive effect on reducing fatalities. However, he stressed out, the second dose is more than necessary.

However, if we talk about Albania, recently there has been a decrease in the number of hospitalized, although the level of vaccination can not be compared with the UK.
What has affected the reduction of cases with clinics in our country, according to Adrian Fandi, is natural immunization.
The doctor said that since there were people who did not respect the measures, natural selection operated in Albania. The weakest were defeated by the disease, and the others were immunized.
“Natural immunity has had an effect. When Boris Johnson a year ago said they would live would be immunized… people laughed. There was some natural selection. ” /

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