Meta letter to the Constitutional Court for the rejection of the request of State Supreme Audit


President Ilir Meta addressed today with an official letter to the Constitutional Court for the rejection of the request of KLSH(State Supreme Audit) for “Repeal as incompatible with the Constitution of article 50 (points 1 and 2) of law no. 68/2017 ” On lokal seli-government financing” .
Meta emphasizes that the Constitutional Court failed to objectively assess the request of KLSH, adding that the abuse of public finances has become a phenomenon for the central and local government.
The president also emphasizes that the risk remains even higher when both local and central government are 100% owned by the same political force that according to him is the Socialist Party.

Through this, President Meta emphasizes that the CC, by not accepting the request of KLSH for summoning the Institution of the President of the Republic to trial, has not taken into account the role of the President of the Republic in the legislative process, as well as in constitutional trials.
“With deep concern for the current situation in the country, I ask the Constitutional Court, as the last instance in charge of reviewing the constitutionality of acts or decisions issued by state authorities, to fulfill the role, mission and responsibilities that the Constitution has given, independently, uninfluenced, with full courage and responsibility, distancing themselves as much as possible from the personal feeling of each member against the position on concrete issues, object of trial, of the body that has selected them in this task as members of The Constitutional Court and the procedure followed by it.
I ask the Constitutional Court to obey only the Constitution, and no one else.

In this regard, I guarantee you that, as President of the Republic, I will offer all my support, in the administration of constitutional justice, to keep the Constitutional Court away from political pressures, although currently the rest of the main structure of the state (both parliament and government ) not only are not committed to the proper functioning and protection of the legal order of our state, but have done and are doing everything, both through the legislative process and bad governance, putting in permanent danger in many cases national interests, public interest, sovereignty of the country and political pluralism, turning our country into a country where democracy is recognized only on paper, while in practice there is an autocratic one-party regime.
Through this letter, I also ask the Supreme State Audit to engage all human resources to exercise full control over the use of public funds by all local government, until it is returned to the Albanian Parliament and local government. full legitimacy after 25th  April 2021, to reconsider this delicate issue created by Article 50 of Law no. 68/2017, approved without the deserved attention of the members of the Albanian Parliament “, it is further stated in the letter./

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