Albanian destroyed beaches; From Cape of Rodoni to Patok, plastic and garbage invade the coast


Albanian National Agency of Protected Areas has conducted a study on marine water pollution from Patoku to Cape Rodoni, where in conclusion it is said that urban pollution is endangering the biodiversity of the Adriatic coast.

“Albania’s coast is polluted. I am located on the beach of Likmeta in Ishëm of Durrës, and as you can see the whole coastline here is full of plastic bottles. The last cleaning here was when the last vacationers were about 20 years ago. This environmental pollution endangers the flora and fauna of the Adriatic Sea,” says Top Channel’s Rudina Muca.
Fisherman Gëzim Bajraktari, who is also a resident of the area, says that his net no longer catches fish, but only plastic. Fishing no longer provides him with income therefore he has decided to give up this profession.
“I remember from sometime ago that here you had nowhere to sit from the many vacationers, now I do not even catch fish, I will find another way to live. It’s scandalous”, the fisherman stated.

Top Channel

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