300 Kosovo doctors and nurses are vaccinated in Kukes, Syla: The process closes on Saturday


schedule11:09 – 25 Mars, 2021

The vaccination process of Kosovo doctors in Kukes is expected to be completed this Saturday.
“The process of vaccinating health workers is going well. 300 employees have been vaccinated to date and this cycle will end on Saturday. Fortunately we have not had any complaints so far. “But it is unfortunate that there are great demands for vaccination, but we have limited opportunities”, saide  the president of the Kosovo Health Trade Unions, Blerim Syla.
He also said that he hopes that the new Minister of Health, Arben Vitia will contact the Republic of Albania and continue the process of vaccination of health workers.

Syla said that in general the employees who received these vaccines feel well and have only had complaints that are normal. Albania has “allocated” 500 vaccines from its doses to make them available to Kosovo doctors where the first vaccine has not yet arrived./abcnews.al

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