Meta: The President Is The Enemy Of The Oligarchy, This Regime Is Keeping The Citizens Under Terror


At a press conference from Vlora, President Meta said that it is now clear that the president is an enemy of the oligarchy and added that he is very happy about it.

Meta stressed that the state is putting pressure on citizens and that pandemic rules are being violated by the government and power-linked oligarchs.

Meta: I like to talk about facts and I do not like scams. This is an article in the newspaper Tema commissioned by the chief oligarch for my meetings in Selenica. How many times have we met together in the middle of the day when we were in the middle of Vlora.

Why do these people try to create a public deception like Meta secretly comes during the night. Is he afraid of anyone in Vlora? Do you know how many mortgage directors are changed in Vlora? Have I changed them? Let’s go to Dhërmi and hear the owners how much damage has been done. Has the President done these things that protect the rights of citizens?

We are now clear that the president is an enemy of the oligarchy and I am very happy about that. All Albanians must understand that the oligarchy protects the media and lies by demanding that Albanians be treated as idiots and that they accept every lie and defend a regime that has overturned the country’s constitution and kept its citizens under terror.

Two girls lost their father in the hospital, but instead of investigating the matter, they were not even allowed to cry for the father. The engineer in Durrës is fined for an activity, he is fined 50 million ALL for committing terror. Is it normal?

We know very well how the standards of the pandemic are respected by the government and how they are violated by the oligarchs and those associated with power. This is the state of pressure and humiliation of the citizens. The fall of the lie-based regime is simply a matter of procedure.

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