DP presents program for business and anti-corruption


schedule11:43 – 22 Shkurt, 2021

The Democratic Party has today presented its program for business and anti-corruption. During his speech, the leader of the Democrats, Lulzim Basha, thanked the experts who contributed to the drafting of this plan, adding that the working points are well studied and will be implemented immediately if he wins the elections.
The Democratic leader, referring to the report of “Doing Business”, said that coming to power will increase the ranking of Albania in this list.
Among other things, he clarified that with the coming to power of the DP, the current number of all licenses and permits issued today by the state will be drastically reduced.

“Our objective is to put Albania among the 30 best countries to do business. We will impose a 1-year moratorium, during which fines from local or central bodies for businesses will be banned and the inspection system will be completely reformed. We will reduce and limit by law the number of inspections and controls on businesses. No more than 10% inspections or controls of businesses will be done during a year. “We will halve the legal deadlines for any permit that requires state decision-making, from 60 days for type A environmental permits to only 30 days,” he added.
Basha said that with a reliable international institution, every concession and PPP awarded will be scrutinized, including in a detailed investigation any contract awarded during these years. Among other things, Basha said that he will engage in the immediate establishment of the Anti-Corruption Agency, which will coordinate efforts to fight corruption in every cell, preparing corruption files./abcnews.al

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