Rama welcomes Basha’s statement: The return of the non-parliamentary opposition, a welcome development


Prime Minister Edi Rama said that he welcomes the decision of the leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, who in a statement from the party’s headquarters said that the opposition will not leave the table for Electoral Reform, arguing that this approaches the departure of Rama.

Through a Twitter post, Rama wrote:
“The return of the extra-parliamentary opposition to the Electoral Reform table, is a change to be welcomed! Better late than never and inshallah this time until the end of this protracted process, because time does not wait and with good will consensus can be reached quickly. ”

Earlier, Basha argued:

“We will give the guarantee to the Albanians to go to the ballot boxes to remove this evil. Rama’s play that by destroying the Theater he would destroy the reform or taking hostage the integration process, is now exposed. We are determined not to allow this. This is the beginning of popular justice for the theater, the economy and the country. Because he is behaving like a criminal who is breaking the laws and the Constitution. We will complete the electoral reform that will pave the way for elections and the integration process. Rama must leave as soon as possible with a free vote. We will never abandon electoral reform because it delays Rama’s departure.”

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