Director Robert Budina told Top Channel that there were instances of threats by government people during the protests that took place after the demolition of the National Theater.

“Now the legal side we have left it to the professionals, we artists can’t talk, what I can say is that we have had threats, and that the people have woken up.

“As our actions are troubling the government, this is why it has put to work dark machinery in order to threaten us either in the media or in person. It is better for them to leave us alone so that justice can be done, or otherwise they will face the action of the people, “said Budina.

Asked by journalist Anila Hoxha who are the concrete persons threatening or that have been threatened, he did not give names, but commented: “We were threatened by messages and by psychological pressure, but we are not here to act as in a soap opera. You will hear these names from the justice institutions. “

Top Channel

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